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50 5-star products you can buy on Amazon right now

The convenience of online shopping is unparalleled. With just a few clicks, you can get products like cleaning supplies, groceries, clothing items, fashion accessories, camping gear, cookware — the list goes on — shipped straight to your doorstep.

Some people are hesitant about shopping online. It’s hard to dish out money for something you haven’t seen and touched. Enter the reviews section, where you can get brutally honest assessments. There you’ll find longer reviews about how the product shipped, how functional it is and how the real thing compares to the product specs and descriptions on the page. Amazon customers also can share photos of their purchases and rate the items on a 5-star scale.

Customers’ critical input, plus the sheer number of shoppers (there are approximately 85 million Prime members in the US alone), mean that finding any item with a 5-star rating is a rarity. But trust us, they’re out there.

There are some more predictable items like a reliable water bottle, New York Times best-selling cookbooks, and face toner. But then there are the more out-there items that make the list, like a DIY hot sauce-making kit, a silicone baking mat, a set of Mason jars and even a card game.

Even though it’s a seemingly random collection of items, the common denominator here is that these really are the cream of the crop on Amazon.

Ready to see a sampling of 50 5-star Amazon rated products?